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Richard Cummings

Richard Cummings is a writer, traveler, and web content developer.

Get your copy of his latest book entitled Obvious Conclusions, stories of a Midwestern emigrant influenced and corrupted by many years living in San Francisco and abroad. It just received its first outstanding review "...reminiscent of David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs" on Amazon UK.
Richard Cummings
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Normal People By Sally Rooney: A Book Review by Richard Cummings

normal-people-sally-rooney-review-richard-cummingsThe very reason I chose to read Normal People by Sally Rooney was the ordinary title — definitely not click bait!

Of course, I put more in my decision to read a book than a quick glance at the title but it was initially the title of Sally Rooney’s book — Normal People — that interested me.

I guess I had a contrarian thought after seeing the title: any author that takes such a big risk with an unappealing title must know the inner-beauty of their work.

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Richard CummingsNormal People By Sally Rooney: A Book Review by Richard Cummings

Trump: “Very Generous” Second Stimulus Check [Watch Video]

trump-very-generous-second-stimulus-postIn an interview yesterday, President Donald Trump said that there will be a very generous second stimulus check of 2020 forthcoming.

What we don’t know is this: was he telling the truth and when would a second stimulus happen?

There are several factors that may indicate he was not telling the complete truth.

(We now know the truth.  Yes, Donald Trump was, like always, exaggerating.  See below what the “very generous” check will be.)

Firstly, his Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin continues to opine that a second stimulus should be more jobs-focused rather than a direct check to the American people.

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Richard CummingsTrump: “Very Generous” Second Stimulus Check [Watch Video]
Bank of America VPN Access

The Best VPN for Bank of America [2020 Updates]

Bank of America VPN AccessIn this article, I’m going to tell you the best VPN software to use if you are a customer of Bank of America.

One of my gripes about VPN services is that they all generally claim to work with every website and, unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

For example, my go-to VPN for the last 3 years has been NordVPN.  NordVPN generally works with most websites, and I particularly like NordVPN with YouTube TV, but here’s what happens when I go to the Bank of America website when I’m using NordVPN.

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Richard CummingsThe Best VPN for Bank of America [2020 Updates]
Camino Winds Book Review

A Review of Camino Winds by John Grisham

camino-winds-review-richard-cummingsIn this review of Camino Winds by John Grisham, I might tell you what you do not want to hear but I will also tell you something else that you do want to hear – you will enjoy this book!

Often, I tell my readers why I chose a book. A book is always a time commitment and so we want to choose wisely.

No such decision making process is required when a new John Grisham book comes out — I will read it.

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Richard CummingsA Review of Camino Winds by John Grisham

Spoken Spanish: Essays, La Pareja que sonreía (Paulo Coelho)

paulo-coelho-spoken-essaysThis page contains a reading called La Pareja que sonreía in Spanish from Paulo Coelho’s book: Como El Rio Que Fluye: Pensamientos Y Reflexiones 1998-2005. This reading will not only provide you with the tools to learn and pronounce new vocabulary in Spanish [see the ultimate Google Translate Guide], it will also expose you to the timeless ideas of Paulo Coelho.

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Richard CummingsSpoken Spanish: Essays, La Pareja que sonreía (Paulo Coelho)

Book Review: Due Process by Scott Pratt

book-review-due-process-scott-pratt-by-richard-cummingsI generally avoid series books with a recurring protagonist and, in this review of Due Process by Scott Pratt, we’ll see if this avoidance is justified.

Why do I avoid series books?

I suppose I tend to see series books like endless movie sequels — products of lazy minds who want to earn big money with audience familiarity.

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Richard CummingsBook Review: Due Process by Scott Pratt

“Payment Status Not Available” — IRS Coronavirus Website Reports

payment-status-not-availableMany people visited the 2020 stimulus check direct deposit web portal recently only to be met with a message that says “Payment Status Not Available”.

Further, the message goes on to say, “According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for payment at this time.

For more information on the eligibility rules, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.”

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Richard Cummings“Payment Status Not Available” — IRS Coronavirus Website Reports
Book Review: Oona Out of Order

Book Review: Oona Out of Order

Book Review: Oona Out of OrderWe learn a lot about ourselves from the books we read and the books we choose. In this book review of Oona Out Of Order, we’ll see what revelations await.

I put in a decent amount of time selecting the books I choose to read.

As you may have read in my other book reviews, I commit to finishing every book that I start. Once the first sentence is consumed, I’m in it regardless, much like the youthfully naive bride and groom at the altar.

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Richard CummingsBook Review: Oona Out of Order

Learning Spanish–The Curse of Humberto

learning-spanish-language-strategyIf you intend to travel to another country to learn a language, you must focus on speaking that language and not English, otherwise you will suffer what I call The Curse of Humberto.

Have you ever fancied something that is a great challenge for you?  Perhaps you wanted to be a pianist but lacked the requisite digit dexterity?  Or you wanted to be a singer but your voice constantly fell flat?  Or you wanted to be a professional parachutist but suffered a great fear of heights?  But, in the face of these challenges, you said, “I’m going to do it anyway.”  And your passion for the pursuit overcame your limitations.

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Richard CummingsLearning Spanish–The Curse of Humberto

Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin: A Book Review

saint-x-by-Alexis-Schaitkin-book-reviewIn this book review of Saint X, I’ll tell you why this is a book that gets better after it begins but won’t leave you disappointed when it ends.

Wait, you ask, does that mean that Saint X has an awesome ending and I won’t be disappointed or does it mean I won’t be disappointed when it ends because I’ll finally be done with it?

Well, just as you won’t win the stuffed animal until you make the basket, you won’t know the answer to that question until you get to the end.

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Richard CummingsSaint X by Alexis Schaitkin: A Book Review