Gran Torino: Movie Review

Written by   (author of Obvious Conclusions)  |  Date Updated: February 25, 2020

Gran Torino is the best movie that I have seen in 2009.

And though the year is only 24 days old, I am not sure another movie will come along this year to best it.

I wonder why.

The plot can be explained in a few of sentences:  A recently widowed, hard-nosed, prejudice, ex-military, solitary, old man finds himself newly alone in a poorish neighborhood now filled with ethics and gang violence.  Though he tries to remain isolated on his premises, circumstance and proximity lead him to interactions with his neighbors with whom he gradually develops true friendships.   After the gang violence tragically affects his new-found friends, he seeks retribution in his final act.

The same plot could be found on an ABC afternoon special.

I have seen some good movies recently:  Vicky Christina Barcelona, Defiance, and Eagle Eye.  They all had intriguing plots and good story lines.

But what sets an excellent movie apart from the good ones is not the intellectual response–what a clever plot!–but the emotional one.

And Gran Torino is an excellent movie!

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Richard CummingsGran Torino: Movie Review

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